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We are currently in Pre-Sale, if you want a Blockchain-Bird you will need to get yourself on the whitelist before they run out. 


We are not just minting NFTs, we are building a community for everyone to be a part of.  We want to bring people into the NFT and Play 2 Earn world.


Play games and earn roles on our discord servers to give yourself a chance of being on the whitelist.  We will be using this project as our launchpad.


Airdrops are a massive part of the NFT & crypto world, we will be rewarding early adopters in all of our projects & people that help us make this project a success.


We are running givaways monthly, starting with milestone members, become an early adopter and gain crypto & NFTs.

About Us

We are a small group of crypto enthusiasts that believe NFTs, Crypto and Play 2 Earn is the future of finances and gaming.

We have a vast amount of experience in the field of gaming and crypto and want to give everyone the chance to earn money and crypto.


Blockchain Birds

Why Blockchain Birds? Well why not? We are a group of NFT & Gaming investors, we chose birds because we love birds and who doesn’t like birds? We also want to raise awareness for the environmental issues caused by cryptos, and for this reason, we chose Immutable X. Nature of the minting is less intensive on the environment on IMX. The platform also has huge potential for investors and NFT enthusiasts and is only getting bigger with their recent partnership with GameStop.


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Funding Milestones

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